René Snip advocatuur

René Snip advocatuur

René Snip advocatuur

René Snip advocatuur

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Keizersgracht 62
1015 CS Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 760 77 99
F +31 (0)20 760 77 98


René Snip advocatuur is a specialized consultancy and litigation law firm handling matters in the areas of employment law and commercial contract law only. You get expert, up-to-date and practical advice at competitive rates, and have one directly accessible point of contact.

The focus on and experience in employment and commercial contract law allows the firm to resolve matters adequately and in a highly qualified manner. When it comes to other areas of law, René Snip has a network of legal professionals, civil-law notaries, lawyers, and tax consultants who can be called in at your request.

René Snip

René Snip read Dutch law (University of Amsterdam, 1996) and International and European law (University of Helsinki, 1995). He has been a lawyer since 1998 and then specialized fully in Law on Contracts and Employment Law, areas in which he obtained his specialization degrees at Leiden University and at the Grotius Academy. He offers tailored advice to organisations and employees to help them prevent or solve legal problems pertaining to human resources or contracts and helps companies to be in control of their legal risks in these areas.

René Snip

René Snip is a member of the employment law specialists’ association and the National Bar Council.

Knowledge and experience

René has been around the block: from the courts to the negotiating table, from the boardroom to the work floor. Thanks to his extensive litigation experience and thorough expertise, René is able to take a critical look at all matters involving employment law or contract law from different perspectives. This skill, honed over the years, allows him to come up with sound strategy planning and independent advice on the best approach, preferably in plain language. Feasibility is at least as important as goal orientation. Be it inside the courtroom or out: whatever it takes to solve the problem.

This drive characterises René, as do his personal approach and individual attention. His accessibility and flexibility make him easy to work with. René will not bother you with endless stacks of paper if this is not necessary; he much rather offers concrete assistance, practical pointers, and a professional and efficient approach. Committed, caring, and creative, René is always ready to go the extra mile in order to bring a case to a successful conclusion.

René Snip advocatuur is frequently brought in by clients from the ICT sector, technical production companies, logistics, media and advertising, and HR management divisions.

Client reviews

‘His strong suit is the human angle. Even so, he does not shy away from a clear (strong) approach’

‘More than once, René surpassed our requirements with his out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. I appreciate his personal and targeted approach’

‘In addition to his legal expertise and sharp judgement, René also has the ability to eloquently present your case in court’

Employment law

Employment law affects every organisation that employs or hires people. Employment law issues are often very sensitive, whether they stem from inadequate performance, sickness absence, redundancy or even mass layoffs. Both the employer and the employee will benefit if these matters are handled properly and respectfully.

René Snip advocatuur supports employers and employees in preparing their files, provides you with tips for difficult discussions, and offers step-by-step guidance on improvement plans, dismissal processes, or during reorganisations. With his thorough approach, René Snip will prevent the situation from escalating or, if it does, obtain the best possible outcome in court.


René Snip advocatuur can be of service when it comes to:

  • employment agreement templates
  • terms and conditions of employment and policy rules
  • model agreements for self-employed workers without personnel, and approval from the Tax Authorities
  • Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act (Wvp)
  • Work and Security Act (Wwz)
  • severance pay
  • working conditions legislation
  • sickness and incapacity for work
  • reintegration
  • back wages
  • reorganisation
  • redundancies and mass layoffs
  • Works Councils Act (WOR)
  • conflicts in the workplace
  • summary dismissals
  • non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
  • settlement agreements
  • privacy
  • the legal position of the director under the articles of association
  • the legal position of civil servants
  • and all other matters related to human resource management, including litigation

Stay up to date

Just like employment law, contract law is comprehensive and always changing. That is why René Snip advocatuur frequently brings clients up to speed on new developments in employment and contract law. He also organises workshops on thorough documentation, changes in legislation and regulations, and other topics pertaining to these fields of law.

Contract law

Doing business is about trust and demands clear agreements that are laid down in writing. In a dispute about the interpretation of agreements, a tailored contract and sound terms and conditions may prevent complicated proceedings and high costs.

René Snip advocatuur can assess the risks and opportunities beforehand, handle the negotiations, and lay down the results in a contract that eliminates the risks, or reduces them to acceptable levels. This will provide more certainty and clarity, and can prevent that you will have to rely on statutory rules which may not work in your favour. René Snip has ample experience in drafting various types of agreements and conditions, and advises about disputes that arise from commercial contracts.


René Snip advocatuur can be of service when it comes to:

  • drafting, negotiating, assessing, or terminating contracts
  • drafting and assessing general terms and conditions
  • liability law: assessing claims from breach of contract or unlawful acts
  • general contract law
  • trade contracts
  • purchase agreements
  • (international) distribution/ agency/ manufacturing/ production agreements
  • IT and licensing contracts
  • contracting work agreements
  • contracts for services
  • service level agreements (SLAs)
  • private international law
  • explanation of and advice on contract issues
  • establishing and terminating co-operations (e.g. partnerships)
  • shareholder disputes
  • shareholder agreements
  • acquiring or buying customer portfolios
  • buying or selling assets and liabilities
  • and many other matters related to contracts, including litigation

Doing business with confidence

The principle is clear: A deal is a deal. In practice, however, those clear contractual deals may turn out to be ambiguous, or the risks when something goes wrong may be substantial. In order to prevent issues and uncertainty later on, it is advisable to have your contracts and conditions legally assessed in advance. Well begun is half done, as the saying goes. René Snip advocatuur is the reliable professional who has your interests at heart.

You may find yourself in a situation in which a contract is not as clear as you once thought, or in which commitments are broken. In such a situation, René can offer advice or litigate on your behalf. If the other side makes a claim, René takes over. He can negotiate with the other party or parties, take measures to collect claims as the plaintiff, or limit or counter the financial risks as the defendant. When required, he may also take preservation measures to safeguard the interests of the client as early as possible.